Rates, Services & Policies

Rates & Services:

Zero Balancing and Massage

Concise Session: ZB or Massage 20-35 minutes $50
Full Session: ZB or Massage 40-60 minutes $85
Extended Session: Massage up to 90 minutes $125

Zero Balancing Mentoring
For ZB students and Certification Candidates

Touch Feedback Session Allow 1.5 hours $100

Manual Lymph Drainage

First MLD Session 70-90 minutes for intake, measurements as needed $125
MLD Follow-up Session 40-60 minutes $85
MLD Self-Care Education Session 20-35 minutes, In conjunction with MLD treatment. $50

Effective January 1, 2024


Doctor Prescribed Bodywork
Your medical doctor may prescribe massage or other manual therapy, in which case you may be eligible to use your health insurance or to cover part or all of the cost. I find that the current deductibles are so high that few clients are actually able to use the insurance for payment. My current policy is to provide you with a payment receipt and treatment notes that you may submit to your insurance provider. I accept HSA account cards. (January 2017, updated December 2023)

First Appointment
Approximately 10 minutes is added at no charge for paperwork and history taking.

Rescheduling Policy
Please give 24 hours notice to avoid a missed appointment fee. Text works best.

Carla S. Van Arnam, LMT, CZB, CHMLD
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