Learn ZB

Would you like to learn Zero Balancing?  I’d like to teach you.

Zero Balancing is a remarkable form of bodywork. Some say it feels like getting a massage without taking off your clothes, receiving an acupuncture session without the needles, therapy without having to talk, and meditating without effort. It feels like nothing else and entirely like itself. Giving a Zero Balancing session feels like meditating through attention, movement, and connection.

6 reasons to learn and practice Zero Balancing:

1. A treatment protocol effective for clients of all ages
2. Address deep patterns in the musculoskeletal system
3. Work with greater ease and efficiency
4. Touch with clear therapeutic boundaries
5. Incorporate ZB easily into other modalities
6. Expand your approach to the body-mind

Zero Balancing is done by many sorts of practitioners with licenses for hands on touch: massage therapists, physical and occupational therapists, acupuncturists, nurses, chiropractors, and doctors. Zero Balancing integrates and supports other structural and/or energetic based treatment. Zero Balancing alone is a potent fulcrum for change in body, mind, or spirit.

The curriculum of courses and material in each class are clearly defined and have space for the individual expression of the teacher. I love teaching ZB, diving into the knowledge, and swimming in the field of scholarship and learning. ZB is in my bones and structure from many years of study of tai chi and practice of ZB.

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