How are you today?

What could feel better for you? Aching back? Painful TMJ? Cranky hips or shoulders? Struggling immune system? Frazzled with stress? Or do you just want to feel “better” in general, or in particular?

How may I help you today?
How may I help you today?

Bodywork can soothe your aches, calm your mind, and lift your spirits. You’ll find it is an effective solution to pain and stress. Think of it as creating favorable circumstances for your life to improve.

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The human structural and energetic anatomy consists of three layers: deep, middle and superficial. Working at any layer can help all of them.

  • Zero Balancing works at the deep layer of bone and ligament, letting old patterns be released from any layer.
  • Holistic Massage works at the middle layer of muscle, fascia, nerve, and meridians to relieve pain and reduce stress.
  • Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) works the rich, superficial layer of lymphatic vessels that connect to the pervasive lymph system to reduce swelling and enhance your immune system.

Your health, vitality, well-being, and even happiness, will be supported by my skills, attention, and compassion. Let’s begin with pain relief or stress reduction, and then continue with regular maintenance to make better normal. Don’t wait to feel better. Call 352.318.8974 now.

By appointment only: Tuesdays 11-5,  and Saturdays 11-5.

7328 West University Avenue, Suite F, Gainesville FL, 32607

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Call 352.318.8974.  Your voice message will be answered in a timely way: 10 minutes to 24 hours. Please let me know why you want bodywork and when you would like an appointment.
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Manual Lymph Drainage (Holistic MLD, Vodder Method)