Manual Lymph Drainage

Freshen up your immune system with MLD!

Lymph vessels and relationship to circulatory system.
Lymph vessels in green. Blood vessels in red and blue.

The gentle, rhythmic touch of Vodder-method Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) increases the movement of lymph through its entire system, speeding healing, reducing swelling with its related pain, and improving health.

  • MLD is helpful in recovery from dermatological, dental or plastic surgery.
  • MLD is helpful in recovery from joint replacement surgery.
  • MLD is an aid in minimizing scars.
  • MLD is a whole body approach to enhancing immune system function using a time-tested method.
  • MLD is an effective treatment for prevention or reduction of lymphedema.
  • MLD is performed either through clothing or on skin.
  • MLD is deeply soothing for the nervous system.

I’ve been seeing some very nice results in a number of my clients, particularly after minor dermatological surgery:

  • Reduced swelling of the hand to none after surgery at the wrist to remove a small skin cancer.
  • No swelling or bruising after a bone graft of the maxilla (upper jaw) and tooth extraction. The oral surgeon’s comment immediately post-op, “You’re not swelling yet.” And she never did.
  • Relieved swelling and pain in a client’s ankle. Medical assessment didn’t yield a source and it was thoroughly checked out before MLD treatment. One year later the client is still pain-free and raving about this work.

Welcoming clients preparing for face-lift and other plastic, oral, dermatological, or joint replacement surgery to use MLD for pre-surgical preparation and post-surgical care. Reduces likelihood of bruising and swelling.

Please note, the training I’ve received does not cover post-surgical MLD for Brazilian butt lifts.

Manual Lymph Drainage Rates

First MLD Session 70-90 minutes for intake, measurements as needed $100
MLD Follow-up Session 40-60 minutes $75
MLD Self-Care Education Session 20-35 minutes, In conjunction with MLD treatment. $45

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